About Us

Estancia Ninette® is a family owned business, and member of The shot group®, directed by all experienced Hector Sarasola, followed by his son Gonzalo Sarasola and nephews Javier Sarasola and Eduardo Hernandez.
Hector started this company in 1994, together with his bird dog Ninette (passed away in 2002, there comes the name of his actual lodge). Very soon some of the most prestigious booking agencies in the world put the eye on him and started supporting the idea, like Trek Safaris ® and his president Milton Handburry does until today.
In 2002 Hector decided to take his operation to the next level and build Estancia Ninette®, right in the heart of the best grain area in Uruguay were doves feed and roost by the million. And can be reach with few minutes truck drives.
Based on his amazing hunting sense for finding the best places for hunting all over Uruguay and a great customer service, the company have been growing over the years until this great present.

Present future:
2014 and following years we will dedicate out effort to make out of the “Birdog hunting” a “Supreme experience” ,more dogs, new English Pointers, field grade ,and Saint Hubert competition dogs .We will be in the South American filed trail circuit, perhaps World championship…who knows.
Two more locations, Salto/Artigas already working as “The best mixed bag ever offered” ..Trek Safaris Intl. advertising ,and the NEW and Outstanding Perdiz Paradise ….. DURAZNO (sweet like a Peach) for those Dog fanatics where Perdiz hunting , and best dogs and the professional handling is all what matters.
Ducks as a “sample” included in the Perdiz Combo trip and from Mid. February to September Pigeons over decoys at Ninette, More Pigeons than ever at Salto and the great Perdiz at Durazno is the “Dream” for all birdhunters this upcoming season and the following 201… .